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HIT : Health System in transition : France

K. Chevreul, I. Durand-Zaleski, K. Berg Brigham, S. Bahrami, C. Hernandez-Quevedo, P. Mladovsky

2015 : mise à jour du HIT en cours de rédaction pour L’Observatoire européen des systèmes et des politiques de santé. Il sera disponible ici.

Le 21 mars 2011, le HIT France a été publié.

A new edition of the Health Systems in Transition (HiT) profile on France has been published. France : Health System Review (2010) was written by Karine Chevreul, Isabelle Durand-Zaleski and Stéphane Bahrami of URC Eco and edited by Cristina Hernandez-Quevedo and Philipa Mladovsky of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

The Health system profiles (HiTs) are country-based reports that provide a detailed description of health systems and of policy initiatives in progress or under development. HiTs examine different approaches to the organization, financing and delivery of health services and the role of the main actors in health systems. They also describe the institutional framework, process, content, and implementation of health and health care policies, highlighting challenges and areas that require more in-depth analysis.

Sections include : Geography and sociodemography ; Political and economic context ; Health status ; Organizational structure ; Decentralization and centralization ; Patient empowerment ; Health care financing ; Health expenditure ; Population coverage ; Pooling ; Purchasing ; Payment mechanisms ; Regulation and planning ; Physical and human resources ; Provision of services ; Public health ; Primary care ; Hospital care ; Emergency care ; Social care ; Palliative care ; Mental health care ; Dental care ; Pharmaceuticals ; Health care reforms ; Assessment of the health system.

A PDF version of the French HiT may be downloaded for free :

Dernière mise à jour le 2/10/2015