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The state of the art in European research on reducing social exclusion and stigma related to mental health : A systematic mapping of the literature

Evans-Lacko S, Courtin E, Fiorillo A, Knapp M, Luciano M, Park AL, Brunn M, Byford S, Chevreul K, Forsman AK, Gulacsi L, Haro JM, Kennelly B, Knappe S, Lai T, Lasalvia A, Miret M, O’Sullivan C, Obradors-Tarragó C, Rüsch N, Sartorius N, Svab V, van Weeghel J, Van Audenhove C, Wahlbeck K, Zlati A ; ROAMER Consortium

European psychiatry : The journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists. 2014 Apr 9

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